Well, here’s the question which has raised many eyebrows of the patients suffering from erectile dysfunction— “can natural herbs treat it?”

The question becomes mandatory as the standard mode of medication doesn’t suit everyone’s system.

Medication may cause mild side effects such as headache, nausea, etc. to severe adversaries like permanent penis and vision impairment.

The trend of alternative medicines has surged high also because few bodies don’t support implantation or surgeries.

But has the thirst of discovering an alternative mean validated any potion which could improve the erectile dysfunction?

Let’s check some of the anecdotes which marginally prove that natural medication might enhance the penile function.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)

It’s a naturally synthesized compound in the body— an abundant steroid present in the body.

Key Role: DHEA plays various critical roles in the body of which yielding adrenaline hormone is the primary function. Not just it, DHEA also helps in building the sex hormones in both men and women. Empowering men with performance energy is another little benefit which DHEA possesses.

Research: The study indicates that the amount of DHEA reduces with aging. As DHEA level goes down, the body starts to forget about producing adrenaline— a reactive hormone which supplies energy to the body. There’s an underlying connection between low-level DHEA and ED. Its dipped level may inflate the chances of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular complications, heart failure, etc. Each of these diseases has a vague association with DHEA. [1]

DHEA supplements: The amount of DHEA production is sufficient in young batches; hence, they most probably don’t need it. However, the body of older men produces less DHEA— a warning sign towards sexual inefficiency. DHEA pills are more or less very safe to use and work as an anti-aging supplement. You’d probably get acne as the side-impact. Eating coconut milk, flax, organic butter could give your body a right amount of carbohydrates which can later be broken down into DHEA.


Humans have discovered Ginkgo fossil which ages 270 million years. It has a myriad of use in traditional medicines and widely used as a source of food.

Key Role: Ginkgo herbs are promoted as the medicinal herb in the market. The ginkgo consumers call it a cognizance enhancing substance. Although we have very little science to prove it, a lot of them boast about its efficacy in treating high blood pressure and neurological disorders like Alzheimer's by dilating the blood vessels. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are readily talked in the industry.

Research: In the rat model, the examination covered how Ginkgo ameliorated or muted down the effect of ED. In conditions like cavernous nerve crush, rats couldn’t get an erection. On administering Ginkgo herbs, the cavernous nerves got repaired, and erectile function improved. The study demonstrated that the herb intake improved the blood flow in the penile region. [2] Despite all the positive tests, the subject still demands in-depth research so that we get enough scientific evidence to convert our claims.

Ginkgo supplements: The only source for receiving Ginkgo is the Ginkgo tree itself. There are Ginkgo supplements, but they are also extracted from the leaves of the tree. Although the extract and the gingko related food are safe, uncontrolled toxicity could create major threats such as bleeding, nausea, gastrointestinal problems, etc. Individuals with a strong history of medical ailments such as allergy and poor blood circulation may get to feel the undesirable effect.

You can enjoy the natural means of medication as long as you don’t need quick relief.

Other than that, we are fortunate to be at the stage of ED medication where we have a lot of different options for getting over our embarrassment.

We have penile pumps, we have sex toys, and then we have medical treatment.

It depends on our capability to handle the method.