Erectile Dysfunction— broadly known as impotence ruins hundreds and thousands of relationships every year.

Despite its harsh repercussions, many don’t have access to the right information— as a result, the prosperity of myths take place.

Unless these myths get answered, Erectile Dysfunction will continue to spread like a fire in the jungle— spread until every inch of the forest gets converted into charcoal.

Not many are open to discussion; however, it is more common than you think.

Let’s debunk some of the myths which would educate the audience and wipe off their wrong assumptive notions.

ED affects older people ONLY.

It’s a blatant lie if you have heard it somewhere. It’s a terrible idea if you have developed this belief by yourself.

Although people above 40 years of age are more likely to be affected by ED, young people have high chances of developing it as well.

The lifestyle of the younger generation has changed in comparison to the past.

They are exposed to several factors which are wholly or partly responsible for causing ED.

For example,

the millennials and generation Z use chemical-based items in cosmetics food, and beverages which lead to ED.

They also intake excessive fats, alcohol, etc. which damage their heart functioning and narrows the blood vessels in various parts of the body (including the genital region).

With the constant degradation in lifestyle, they move an inch closer to ED.

ED is a physiological disorder.

While it is true that certain physical conditions like heart diseases, overweight, diabetes, etc. conduce to ED, there are factors other than physical conditions which also make way for it.

Psychological reasons: Sex involves psychological stability. If you don’t have mental peace in the background, you can’t indulge in sexual activities on the front ground. Mental issues like depression, stress, or performance anxiety could block your penis from getting erect.

Hormonal reasons: Sometimes, your testosterone is to be blamed. Unless your body secretes them, you will be low on sex drive (libido). Again, your testosterone levels drop off sharply due to mental and physical reasons.

Smoking has nothing to do with ED.

I pity people who smoke and boast about their masculinity— as if damaging health is a job of powerfuls.

The fact is— smoking damages the cardiovascular activities, and anything which affects your heart has the potency to affect your penis.

Smoking builds the waxy substance called plaque on the walls of the blood vessels.

As the area for blood flow reduces, the blood doesn’t get enough space to get into the genital; as a result, the penis fails to erect.

ED is a shame and not disease

If only we took ED as seriously as cancer, we could have encouraged more reports, research, and the higher standard of living.

It’s unfortunate that we don’t consider disease a disease unless it gets excruciating or brings death to us.

Had ED caused deaths, we would have disclosed more about it rather than associating it with shame.

Taking ED pills will cure you.

Yes, ED pills are dilators which widen the blood vessels of the penis; however, they are useful only during sexual arousal.

These pills need sexual stimulation to work best on ED suffering men.

The rule of nature says that “men get an erection when they are sexually triggered.”

So, ED can't get treated by ED pills alone. You need ED pills and stimuli for the erection.


Once we start drawing the lines between myths and facts, we’d make this world a better place to live.

Before you reach any conclusion, make sure that you are gathering the information from the reliable resources, and don’t forget to cross-verify the authenticity.

Divorcing myths and facts about ED is your first step towards combating it.

So, what myth did you debunk today? Let’s know about what you believed which came out to be completely wrong.