Could Sex Be Better After Having a Baby?

After having a baby, so many of women rely on intuition to get through those first some months. Whether it is breastfeeding, sleeping, or being ready for post-baby sex, women tend to focus on what makes them feel good and what just feels right. But sometimes you need a little bit of science to prove were on the right track, like finding scientific reasons that sex is better post-baby.

When is safe to have sex after giving birth?

You can have sex as soon as you feel ready after having a baby. Some experts Poxet 90mg waiting until after any bleeding has stopped, to reduce the risk of infection while your uterus is healing, but ultimately it is up to you

Why do not I feel like having sex after the birth?

It is common not to feel like having sex in the first few weeks or months after having a baby. Three months after having a baby, nearly 9 to 10 new mums experience issues. For a start, you are probably feeling exhausted due to lack of sleep and the demands of looking after a new baby. If you are breastfeeding, changes in your hormones can reduce your desire to have sex, too. Further down you can find some self-help tips for ways to manage more of these issues.

Physical issues

You may be feeling sore from a Filagra Double 200mg, episiotomy or stitches. Even if you have not had an episiotomy or a tear, the area around your vagina can feel bruised and sensitive for a while.

If you had a caesarean, you will still be recovering from a major operation. Your scar should heal by the time your stitches come out, which might be the time to start thinking about sex again if you want to.

Emotional issues

Feeling low, or suffering from postnatal depression, can make you feel less like having sex. Talk to your GP, health visitor if you think this is a problem for you. IT can sometimes feel a bit very awkward to talk about sexual issues with healthcare professionals, but remember that they have seen it all before. Nothing you can say will shock or surprise them, and they’d far rather you said something than suffer in silence.

Are There are any self-help tips for sex after the birth?

Try to cuddling and being intimate at first, so you gradually become used to Vidalista Black 80mg touched in a sexual way again.

Take it slowly. Enjoy each another bodies, and go for plenty of foreplay without expecting it to lead to penetrative sex.

After having a baby, your vagina may be drier than it was before, so try using lubrication to make things more comfortable. Do not use an oil-based lubricant if you use condoms, as it could cause them to leak.

If you are worried sex will hurt, you could try exploring your vagina on your own first. Use your finger and go gently, with lubrication if that helps.

When you do feel ready, try not to rush things. It should feel very natural, and you should both feel ready and fully aroused. Try a position that does not put too much pressure on wherever you are feeling sensitive. Beginning with you on top that means that you can control the rate and depth of penetration.

If things become sensitive or uncomfortable, ask your partner to stop for a while. He could instead try gently touching your clitoris. Once you do feel aroused, you can try again and again.