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It’s great that you can become a proud owner of generic Cialis— Vidalista just by a click.

As it is readily available over the counter and on the several portals, your responsibility increase— responsibility in selecting the right dosage and ensuring that it is not misused.

Just buying your Vidalista won’t help.

Finding the right Vidalista is the key.

Your doctor will start Vidalista dose depending on what’s suitable for your condition.

Be honest with your doctor, feel entitled to express all your medical issues and make sure to mention all the current medical aids.

What’s the correct dose for you?

There’s no defined dose for anyone.

Usually, doctors evaluate few factors and eligibility criteria and based on that; they prescribe the dose.

However, the analytics reveal specific patterns in which Vidalista is being sold. Let’s unravel a few of the patterns:

New consumer factor

If you haven’t tried Vidalista, it’s likely that your doctor would ask you to stick to 10 mg dose.

The sale of Vidalista 10 mg is more than any dose because it’s the starting dose.

If you feel that it fails to cover up your impotence, you can ask your doctor for the higher dose.

As a beginner, a healthy body (free of any other medical assistance) will resonate well with Vidalista 20 mg pill.

Side effects factor

Likewise, if you are troubled by the adversaries of the side effects, you may approach your doctor and confess everything openly.

The pattern reveals that Vidalista might result in a headache.

You can live with a mild headache, but if it is intense, you should push down your dose level.

If you are admitting 20 mg into your body, let your dose sink in by 10 mg.

Age factor

 If you are young and suffering from erectile dysfunction, 10 mg might suffice your need.

If you still feel to elevate your dosage, don’t proceed without consulting your medical advisor.

Daily factor

There are special Vidalista for daily dosage. These dosages are low in content.

They are Vidalista 2.5 mg or Vidalista 5 mg.

If you want a daily intake for regular sex, your doctor would most probably refrain from prescribing high-dosage content and ask you to use these specially-designed pills for everyday use.

Timing factor

The production of different doses allows you to select the best option for you.

It’s like when do you want the pill to work.

If you can’t control your sexual urge and want an immediate reaction from the pill, higher dosages like 60 and 80 mg help you attain an erection in 30 minutes.

On the other hand, if you want to construct composed sex, and need 2-3 hours for sexual stimulation, low dosages like 10, 20 mg should work fine.

Prolong-effect factor

Not all vidalista have the same impact. The effect of high-content dosage might last up to 36 hours while that of low-content may work for 24 hours.

Based on your needs, vidalistacaters you a different set of pills.

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