The far east has devised Acupressure— a pseudoscience method for treating a variety of diseases for more than a thousand years.

Well, there’s no medical explanation to this, but somehow it works well, and a lot of people are in positive connotation regarding its effectivity.

In the given method, the pressure is applied at several points in the body which involves gentle rubbing and massage.

Although there’s no proven evidence that it works for all the medical ailment, it has shown a probable impact on the erectile dysfunction— the inability to get a firm erection good enough for sexual intercourse— as claimed by a good segment of people.

Let’s press these points and check whether they can really hamper erectile dysfunction and bring back our penis to life.


Another name: Conception Vessel 6— Sea of Energy

Location Point: The point is located between the pubic bone and navel. Group the three fingers of your right hand and place them precisely below the belly button. The point at which the lowest finger ends is CV6 point.

How does it work: Point your three fingers in the line below the navel. Press the point until your fingers reach a hard spot. It’s the point which you keep wanting to press. It can be practiced at any position— whether you are lying on the floor, sitting, or standing. With that press, it is believed that the sea of energy gets transferred from your fingers to the lower jiao— the group which consists of genitalia, intestines, kidney, testes, etc. The higher energy in the genitalia increases the blood flow resulting in better penile function.

K3 (Kidney 3)

Another name: Bigger Stream

Location Point: It is one of the vital points which relieve the human body from plenty of issues. The mentioned point is situated in the depression between the Achilles tendon and medial malleolus, i.e., inside of the ankle bone.

How does it work: Out of many factors, stress and anxiety are two of the most important causes of impotence. Press the kidney 3 points followed by a good massage. The practice helps in attenuating stress and anxiety attacks. With the muted stress, there’s a reduced chance of high blood pressure, and we know that the controlled blood pressure backs decent blood flow in the penis.

SP12 (Spleen 12)

Another name: Rushing door

Location Point: The point is located in the pelvic area, right in the middle of the line (crease) which joins the leg and upper part of the body.

How does it work: Well, a lot of male face infertility due to numerous reasons; however, infertility sometimes prove as a vital pillar for causing erectile dysfunction. The low testosterone level, poor quality of sperm, difficulty in conceiving, etc. could add wings to the condition. The spleen 12 point improves the blood movement in the different organs of the body including the penis. Moreover, it assists in enhancing fertility.


Another name: Spleen 13

Location Point: It is also located in the pelvic area— right in the middle of the line (crease) which joins the leg and upper part of the body, but four cun from the anterior midline.

How does it work: A significant amount of men fail to get an erection due to the body and abdominal pain. There have been cases where the spasm in the pelvic floor may lead to erectile dysfunction. With acupressure treatment on the given point, a fair amount of energy transmits to the body which tone down the effect of pain. With reduced abdominal pain, you tend to have a better state of mind and persistent erection.

There’s no mean to measure the efficiency and rate of the acupressure treatment; however, if you need an immediate solution, you should switch to standard medication like Generic Viagra.