Do you know that you are the best scriptwriter despite not being into creative writing at all?

I know you’d bloat in happiness; however, you shouldn’t take pride because you are steadily scripting your death and it’s out of your knowledge.

Now that I have talked about death, you must be all jaw-dropped and astonished.

Not convinced?

It’s true that you’re dying a slow death (we all do, but you are dying faster than us) if you practice these habits.

Let’s take a glance at daily practices which are pushing you closer to the death bed.

Sucking in the smoke to your body.

It has to be your favorite pastime, and why not, the world celebrate smoking as one of the coolest ways to relieve the stress.

Howbeit, sucking the cigarette butt to inhale smoke has so much to offer the negative impact that your delusional belief to “live in the moment” will come to a halt too early— with your death.

There’s a saying— count the stars for every ill-effect of cigarette smoking, and you will run short of stars.

It affects your cardiovascular activity, blocks your arteries causing sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, leeways the possibility of cancer, damages the brain, etc. to name a few.

Eating when your stomach doesn’t need it.

You may be battling a gourmand fight with your friends for the love of the food; however, when you win the eating competition, you lose the body battle.

Of course, we can’t go without eating, but if you have developed the habit even when your stomach doesn’t need it, you will become a couch potato never wanting to move of your place.

Munching your favorite snacks while studying or enjoying television leads to obesity— the fat deposition in the body.

Obesity also draws the path of other comorbid diseases such as diabetes, sexual disorders like loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, stress on a heart pump, etc.

With all the adversaries, do I need to mention the total number of death casualties led by obesity?

Love for your bed, couch, and chair.

Who wouldn’t love bed, couch, and chair as they help us live relaxing moments, but that’s not the complete picture.

If you are too glued to these things at your home, apparently, you are living an inactive life.

These furniture items are the epitome of “attention-seeking syndrome—” the more you pay attention, the higher they keep asking you for your time.

An inactive life will accompany several disorders like high cholesterol, low-sexual desire, poor cardiovascular proceedings, etc.

The best way to give up on these attention-seeking entities is by having a secret extramarital affair with exercises and physical stretching.

Physical exercises genuinely care for your health, thereby restoring several medical conditions and averting the risk of death.

Your eyelids have anti-gravitational force.

Who doesn’t like to sleep as it’s the best activity when done with full-fledged interest.

Do you remember those history classes when you couldn’t help your eyes getting shut off?

If yes, map them with the current time when you aren’t getting enough sleep because of sleep disorders and excessive stress.

Your body needs at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a trot, and if you can’t help but get distressed by sleep disorders, you are likely to die much earlier than you should.

Since your eyelids refuse to get into the radar of gravity, it never falls which is ultimately detrimental for your health.

Peeping into television and mobile phones.

You can’t do much about mobile phones and television as the entire world resides in them, but having a ceaseless peep at televisions and mobile phones will deteriorate your health.

Your bed hates mobile phones and television because it’s possessive that you use them too much right before sleeping.

As bed attracts so that you can get some rest, television and mobile phones negate or cancel the effect of bed, thereby disturbing your sleep cycle.

And you know that you may survive without food for a few days, but not without sleep.

So, when are you giving up these practices?