Which foods lower blood sugar

Diabetes Mellitus is the most general endocrine disorder which has assumable millions of people worldwide. It is a situation which is companion with many confusion and it happen when the body does not properly possess aliment to use it as an energy. It can be characterized as a transformation in the construction of the insulin or construction in the intelligence of the cells of the body to use constitute insulin such that the glucose level of the body becomes too high. compatible to the discoverer, it is one of the conduct reason of the deaths in the United States. Diabetes is of three types, diabetes type 1, diabetes type 2 and gestational diabetes. Nowadays the use of herbal remedies have important raise to treat the disease and some of the daily used products that can help in amend the symptoms of 6 Food Items To Control The Blood Glucose Level.


Fenugreek belongs to the family of Fabaceae and from the finally thousands of years, it is used all over the world for its extraordinary medicinal effect. These little seeds have been shown to have a specific effect on the cholesterol and the blood sugar level. It is known that the glycemic control plays a important role in patients having type 2 diabetes and fenugreek seeds have an ability to control glycemia in the diabetic patients.


The consumption of cinnamon is companion with the abatement in the levels of glucose, triglycerides and an raise in the good cholesterol. It is concede that cinnamaldehyde which is the active component of cinnamon plays a role in commute the glucose level in the bloodstream. Its insulinotropic effects are thought to be responsible for raise insulin sensitivity and amend lipid and glucose metabolism.


Ginger is a herbal drug that is used to treat a quality of diseases and is known to possess anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antioxidative symptom. According to various curriculum ginger contains many bioactive component that have antidiabetic assets as well. Novonorm 1mg works by commute insulin resistance and amend the capacity of insulin secretion.

Aloe vera

Numerous studies have been conducted to Evaluate the effects of aloe vera on diabetes mellitus and blood glucose level and it was found that aloe vera has many assets that can help in commute the glucose level in the blood. In diabetic patients, it commute the microvascular and macrovascular confussion which include diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy, healing diabetic wounds quickly and confussion related to the cardiovascular system.

Bitter Melon

The bitter melon has been used broad to amend the symptoms of diabetes and in non-diabetics, it commute the danger of developing this disease. The quotation of the bitter melon have a hypoglycemic effect in the diabetic patients. Momordin which is one of the ingredient in the bitter melon raise peroxisome proliferator energize receptor and it plays an significant role in regulating the glucose metabolism.