There’s a common notion— “as my neighbor uses it, it must be safe.”It sounds as bizarre as “it’s on the internet; it must be right.”

The underlying problem with humans is that we make facts out of theories without validating them.

We confirm that whatever looks white in the kitchen must be fresh and tasty.But not everything which looks white is right.

So, get out of your white supremacy logic, and smell the coffee because these four white items in your kitchen are ready to smear your life into black nightmares.Before it gets too late, get over them.

Pasteurized cow milk— the most overrated item.

Do you find animals resorting to milk after a particular age?Do birds intake their share of diet from the lake of milk?

For me, milk is the most overrated item because you don’t need it, but you have to build a “fake necessity.”

It is necessary for the kids as it contains the growth hormone, but after a particular age, it’s perfectly fine to give it up.When it comes to Pasteurized milk, it poses no nutritional benefit to your body.

Although it stays fresh and harmless for a longer duration, the nutritions such as Vitamin A, C, and B12 decay.

Furthermore, the growth hormone converts into the milk, thereby having no particular advantage.

A review on milk suggests that pasteurization throws aways the 1/4th of the iodine content which, in turn, may result in constipation.

Refined Rice— great on taste buds, bad on health.

The process of refining rice involves removing the external layer of the grains.The objective of refining the rice is to get rid of the germs.But a good move brings a lousy result.

The naked rice grains (without the layer) are left with endosperm— the starchy tissue which is a complex form of carbohydrate.

Although our body needs starch for converting them into energy; if consumed in the uncontrolled level, the starch (carbs) may raise the sugar level content in the circulatory system, therefore glorifying the path of diabetes and other metabolic syndromes.

Refined Sugar— as waste as the nipples on the breastplate.

Refined sugars are of no use— they are as useless as the nipples on the breastplate.They add no nutritional value to your life; instead, it adds a lot of harmful chemical in your body.

The sugar juice molecules are extracted from the sugarcane or beet plant, and they are processed to remove all other nutrients out of it.

The process sees to it that the final extract has no fiber.Later in the process, the sugar is mixed with lime so that the remaining vitamins die off.

In the final procedure, sugar is coated with chemicals such as sulphuric acid and calcium sulfate so that they give it a white-crystalline structure.

You can think of any benefit when you are consuming such chemicals in your day to day life.

Moreover, sugar aggravates your health if you already have existing metabolic disorders like high sugar level, high cholesterol, etc.

Refined Salt— does no good either.

When sugar finds ways to deteriorate your health, how can refined salt lag in doing the same?

Generally, salts are right for your health— they are iodine-ladened items which weaves a proper metabolism procedure in the body.

However, when the salts get refined, you cut loose all the necessary vitamins and minerals which were to work for your safety.

The refined salt also uses fluorides— the chemical which shouldn’t be consumed over the suggested upper limit.

Fluoride toxicity may imbalance the fluid mechanics of your body, which, in the cascading effect may cause high blood pressure.

Our kidneys play an essential role in maintaining the fluid; however, refined salts hamper the action of it.

On the recent discovery of a black hole’s image, let’s not make these white elements push our lives into the same hole from where we couldn’t ever come out.