There is a fair segment of people who work out different combination and remedies for leveling up their sex lives until science comes up with logic and explanation.

While some resort to Tantrism, others practice broom hitting on the penis for harder erection (as they think that the devil stops the erection and fears broom).

Call it stupidity or superstition, we end up trying all the possibilities so that we could retain (regain in some cases) our sexual potencies.

You can’t blame them because the pain of dipping sex life is really excruciating and harsh.

Nevertheless, let’s go through some of the funny but unconventional remedies which aren’t remedies but superstitious gimmicks.

Application of onion juice and honey on the penis.

I know you have got a marvelous curve on your face, but some people make a refreshing blend of onion juice and honey and apply the paste on their penises— and it can be you.

The idea is to combat erectile dysfunction.While the idea deserves claps, it also needs clarification.

One of the studies suggests that Onion and its kind are great aphrodisiacs— the substance which amplifies the sexual desire and, in turn, resolving the erectile dysfunction and low sex drive in women.

But the study didn’t suggest that you have to intake onion through your penis or vagina.Well, jokes apart.

The combination of honey and onion makes a decent potion which when induced give immunity power and ability to combat impotence in men.

Nevertheless, if you want to stick to the habit of applying the amalgamation on your penis, you’d have one benefit— masturbation and penetration will become easier.

Although there’s no substantial anecdote to confirm whether your practice affects your erection; it’s not rocket science that it surely helps with lubrication.

Giving up underpants.

Some humans evolve in the backward era.That’s when they start giving up their underpants.There’s a notion that tight underpants may boil up your reproductive cells.How?

The proponents say that tight underwears work like a corset.They suffocate your scrotum and the testicles, thereby heating the region under the panties.

With the hotter testes, you may burn off your testosterone which may further deteriorate your sexual condition by giving birth to erectile dysfunction.Trust me, the story sounds nice, but it’s deceiving and outrageously laughable.

There’s no compelling evidence which proves that tight-underpants cause erectile dysfunction.Yes, it may be your concern if you are using steel underwear to shield your shaft.

Avoiding sex on good Fridays.

Why are Fridays good when we don’t have to get sex?

Some parts of the world consider that with having sex on good Friday may agonize the lord, and he will curse with sticking the partners for the next twenty-four hours.

It’s good news if you can’t live a minute without having sex; however, I estimate that you are a human and you can’t have it for twenty-four hours.

So, I am sure that you would honor the lord and avert sex on Fridays.No?Great! When it comes to sex, obey none other than your sexual desire.

If you think avoiding sex on Fridays can hand over your sex life, you surely deserve the punishment.

Placing a mirror near the bed.

If you are freaked out by your incompetence to grind your woman, you probably need to shift your mirror beside the bed.

Placing a mirror near the bed entices the sex fiend who makes you obsessed about sex.Well, I don’t say this.

It’s a belief in Thailand [1] which warns people against placing the mirror in proximity with the bed because the fiend imbibes sexual compulsion in you.

The people who are tired of regular sexual sessions should get their mirrors removed, and inversely, they should place it close when their sex life sucks.

It does sound funny, but what if the beliefs and practices had truth in it? Scared much?