The evolution has presented humankind its loveliest gift— the long penises— the penises longer than all the primates who have made humans— humans.

Even the primates such as gorilla barely have an erection of 2-3 inches whereas our penises in the flaccid condition size 3.61 inches, and even longer during erection, i.e., 5.16 inches [1].

However, humans are funny. They somehow find ways to challenge the mother nature in different ways.

Today, we are discovering dangers for intoxicating and shrinking our penises by the terrible number of methods such as overconsumption of drugs, unconstrained intake of alcohol, ceaseless smoking, resorting to poor diet, etc.

These intoxicating efforts accumulate fats and cholesterols in the penile region and block the blood inrush.

As a result, there is hamper in swift erection.

If it continues to go on like this— we are likely to snatch the badge of “short baby-making shafts” from the gorillas.

Let’s not boast our habits— we shouldn’t take pride in winning the rewards for short penises.

Instead, we shall find ways to detoxicate our penis so that we flatter ourselves for the right reasons, that is, longer penis and harder erection.

Let’s scan some of the approved food items for detoxing the penis and making erection longer than the anticipated.

Citrus juices

Nitric oxide carries the blood and distributes it to the various parts of the body including the penis which leads to an erection.

When free radicals are introduced in the body through dietary habits like chemical intake, smoking, etc., nitric oxide gets destroyed and oil the wheels for high blood pressure and impaired blood flow.

As a result, we come across the pandemic disorder called erectile dysfunction.

Detoxing method: Most of the fruits have a positive impact on the body including the strengthening of the penile power and enhancement of the sexual stamina; however, some fruits have a better impact than others.

Flavonoid-rich citrus fruits such as blackberries and its kind such as grapes, strawberries, etc. have shown the potent effect on the ambulatory blood pressure and better blood flow [2].

They are antioxidants which exterminate the growth of free-radicals and bring back the nitric oxide level.

Nitrate juices

Unhealthy activities like smoking create wax in the walls of the blood vessels— arteries and nerves.

As the wax gets accumulated, the blood receives less space for displacement into the penis.

With the constriction of the vessels, over a lapse of time, excessive smoking kills the elasticity of the blood vessels and makes it stiffer— causing erectile dysfunction and hypertension.

Detoxing method: Adding Spinach, Beetroot, etc. juice as daily supplements would detox the penis in your favor.

They are rich in nitrates. Our body converts these nitrates into nitric oxide— a compound necessary for dilating blood vessels and capillaries [3].

As the blood vessels dilate, they push the required blood into the penis which makes a firm erection.

Probiotic Food

Sometimes, the excessive level of mineral like Sodium in the body constricts the blood vessels and causes high blood pressure.

The impact of Sodium is also felt in the penis when a person fails to get an erection due to reduced blood flow.

It is the very reason why we are asked to control the salt intake in the body.

The higher salt intake promises arteries damage which impedes the blood circulation in the penis.

Detoxing method: Appending Probiotics in the daily meal course.

Probiotics like Yogurt, Kefir, Miso, etc. have friendly bacterias which impart several health benefits.

They are rich in potassium— a mineral which works contrary to the sodium, i.e., it deflates the high blood pressure and boosts the blood flow in the penis leading to harder drilling shaft [4].

So, have you detoxed your penis yet? Run to detox and satisfy your partner like never before.