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Acarbose 25 Mg

Acarbose 25 Mg


Acarbose 25 MG Tablet is an antidiabetic medicine which is used to control elevated blood glucose levels. It is used only in patients diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. It may be used along with Insulin or other medicines in order to achieve better control over the blood sugar levels. A controlled diet and exercise routine may give better results.

Acarbose 25 MG Tablet essentially treats type 2 diabetes. The medicine should be accompanied with a proper diet plan and plenty of exercise so as to have the required effect on the body. The drug is either prescribed with a combination of other antibiotic drugs, or on its own depending on the severity of the condition. Known to be a glucosidase inhibitor, Acarbose 25 MG Tablet slows down the function of the enzyme responsible for converting carbohydrate to glucose. Thus, blood sugar levels do not rise drastically after a meal. But certain precautions should be taken before the consumption of Acarbose 25 MG Tablet.

Side Effects of Acarbose

Signs of an allergic reaction, which include hives; difficulty breathing; or swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat

  • Severe itching
  • Severe stomach pain
  • Severe constipation
  • Diarrhea that's watery or bloody
  • Unusual bleeding
  • Easy bruising
  • Purple or red pinpoint spots under your skin
  • Upper stomach pain, nausea, or loss of appetite
  • Dark urine or clay-colored stools
  • Yellowing of the eyes or skin (jaundice)


Acarbose comes as a tablet and is typically taken by mouth three times a day at the beginning of meals.

Take each dose with the first bite of each main meal.

Try to take acarbose at the same time each day to help you remember your doses.

Your dosage will be based on your medical condition, weight, and response to treatment.

Your doctor will probably start you on a lower dose of the drug and gradually increase it.

You will probably monitor your blood-sugar levels after meals and share the information with your doctor to decide on dosage changes.

The aim is to find the lowest effective dose with the fewest side effects.

Only people who weigh more than 132 pounds (60 kilograms) should take more than 50 milligrams (mg) per meal (150 mg per day).

The manufacturer recommends that no one exceed more than 300 milligrams (mg) per day of acarbose.

Follow the directions on your prescription label carefully when taking this medicine. Don't take more of the drug than is prescribed.

Acarbose Overdose

If you suspect an overdose, you should contact a poison-control center or emergency room immediately.


Pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis warning: These are gas-filled cysts on the wall of your intestines. They are a rare but serious complication of using acarbose. Symptoms include diarrhea, mucus discharge, rectal bleeding, and constipation. You need to let your doctor know immediately if you experience these symptoms.

Allergic skin reaction warning: In rare cases, using acarbose can cause an allergic skin reaction. Symptoms include rash, redness, and swelling.

Liver problems warning: Rarely, acarbose can cause liver damage. Symptoms can include yellowing of the whites of your eyes or skin, stomach swelling, or pain in the upper right portion of your stomach.

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