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20 Mg Nolvadex Pct

20 Mg Nolvadex Pct

Nolvadex PCT

Tamoxifen Citrate, most common known as Nolvadex is one of the most popular SERM’s any performance enhancer will ever use and as such Nolvadex PCT use remains the most common purpose. Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is a very important part of the anabolic steroid plan as this is the period after use is discontinued that allows the body to normalize; an important factor in maintaining good health as well as protecting gains made while on cycle. A plan based on a Nolvadex PCT can readily and efficiently produce the desired end very thoroughly and make ones experience not only more enjoyable but more effective as well.


Nolvadex was first developed in 1992 by ICI and later launched in the United States. Interestingly, Nolvadex was first used as a medicine in a treatment for female infertility. After several clinical studies however, it was discovered that Nolvadex is very effective in breast cancer treatment. It was finally approved as a breast cancer treatment in by the FDA in 1977. In 1988, it was further approved as a preventive measure for people at high risk of contractingfbreast cancer.

The use of Nolvadex in Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Another major use of Nolvadex among athletes and bodybuilders is its effectiveness in stimulating the production of Testosterone as shown by many studies. This is achieved through its actions on the hypothalamus and pituitary glands of the brain as well as stimulating the production of Follicle Stimulating Hormone as well as Luteinizing Hormone. These in turn activate the production of Testosterone in the testes. Nolvadex is therefore used during PCT which comes immediately after completion of the anabolic steroid cycle as well as clearance of all anabolic steroids from a person’s system. When used in Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).

Side Effects

Although it is well tolerated by majority of the users, Nolvadex has some side effects to look out for. Due to the difference in Estrogen and androgen proliferation in cells in the body, Nolvadex portrays varying experiences and effects in men and women. This explains the large number of negative side effects of Nolvadex in women compared to men. This is, however, a different narrative when compared to their anabolic steroid use as an ancillary compound.

The official documented side effects of Nolvadex in relation to its use as a breast cancer treatment are vaginal itching, hot flashes, headaches, upset stomach, edema, bone and joint pains and dizziness. To a lesser extent, user may experience pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, endometrial changes, skin rashes, altered platelet count, changes in white blood cell count and cholesterol changes. These side effects are mainly experienced among female users and to a lesser extend or never experienced among male users. Many people are of the belief that when used together with compounds like Nandrolone or Trenbolone, Nolvadex can increase the sensitivity in these compounds by up-regulating Progesterone receptors. This is not true. On the contrary, it leads to an increase in side effects related to the use of Deca, Trenbolone or any related nor compound.            

Nolvadex For Gynecomastia

As mentioned earlier, Nolvadex is widely used in the performance enhancement and bodybuilding world as an ancillary help to reducing, combating and preventing Gynecomastia development. This is especially possible when a moderate anabolic steroid is used in a cycle. Nolvadex is used in doses of around 10 – 30mg a day. The common dose used by many people is 20mg Nper day. Using high dosages of Nolvadex beyond 20 – 40mg a day does not lead to any significant effect in reducing gynecomastia.

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